Boston 2012


Amphicar Expert
BEST swim in ever!
Jerry and Lorrie went all out to have a full 4 day event!
Thursday, as the group came together we all stayed around base, Jerry and Ron, did up a full pig on stick on 1 big BBQ and deep fried turkey's
Friday, long drive..45 Miles each way to Cape Cod and a swim in a great pond(Lake)
up on a beach,I tried to water ski of a ski boat but failed... others were more sucessfull.
Free pizza on the way home at local hut(Jerrys friend) then back to Jerrys place and the biggest,,, best,,, WOW...20 min. of non stop..._________ _________...up close and personal. better than Disney!
Saturday..about a 20 mile run to our regular pond, with a fun sand bar in the middle.
lots of storys here, almost a sinking, stuck cars, had to get out and push them off.
Then back to Jerry's for a live band!!!
Sunday..4 cars stayed on (one of each colour) and back to pond for more swiming, and Ron even got a airplane ride!