Bodywork Issues


John Friese

I'm finding that I'm getting some bubbles under the paint near the
bottom on the rear quarter panels on both my restored Amphi's. I've
used POR 15 under interior coatings and find the stuff works really
well at stopping rust. I noticed on the POR 15 web site they talk
about way of using it under exterior paint. I'm thinking these
bubbles are the result of moisture getting through the top coatings,
since there is never moisture inside the cars in these areas, and
this moisture has reactivating some rust in microscopic pin holes
that must have been missed during the restorations.

Has anyone had any experience using POR 15, or some other similar
product, under your exterior paint. I would sure like some feedback
before undertaking such a project on these cars. I'm thinking of
repainting both cars from the bump rails on down.

John Friese
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