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I thought I would add my bit to the bodywork welding discussion. For years I
have use an oxy-fuel or acetylene torch as it is known for my heating and
repairing needs in my garage. Most of the time all you really use a torch
for is heat. I t is very difficult to acctually use one for welding but it
can be done. One thing I always to do is learn how to arc weld. I thought
it would be nice to learn how to use a wire feed welder, or MIG as it is
called for use around the garage. I signed up in January at our local
technical college for a 60 hour course. In the class room the instructor is
also teaching stick welding and Tig welding at the same time. I have become
very comfortable with my ability to wire weld metal but thin gauge steel is
tricky. It is very easy to blow a hole in the thin stuff even with a wire
welder. I have observed the instructor weld up projects in class and he
makes it look so simple. But every thing the instructor welds he uses the Tig
welder. So back to school next fall to learn Tig welding.
Tim Wick