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  1. Mike Israel

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    OK, imagine if ...

    I am sitting here reading the April 09 edition of
    Autoweek, page 32.

    There is a company in Ohio called Brookville Roadsters
    Using their 750-to Hamilton Press they have
    specialized in limited production of full steel body
    shells. Featured is the fully authentic 1932 Ford
    Roadster Body Shell. Fully leaded seams, rivets where
    original, etc. All up to 2001 fit-and-finish
    standards, They have sold 90 of these with another 90
    on order. Price is $10,500 out the door (with doors).

    Yes, imagine having new Amphicar body shells. Could
    it be done, would the volume be there, etc? For 10k I
    would buy one. Looks like a job for Hugh and / or the


    Mike Israel
    65 Amphi (white)
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  2. HI Mike,

    Brookville Roadster is located here in Dayton and has been around
    quite awhile. I have often talked to the other guys here in our area
    about having panels made as the have a computerized laser cutting and
    forming machine . If there is more interest I could load amphi up and
    drive over and find out the scoop.


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