Allan Woodcock

Last year I meet a guy who does the actual restoration for a car museum
here in Los Angeles. The cars he does go into a lot of the very top
shows. He has been very helpful to me over the past months. I asked
him about body filler and body preparation. This advice is for
automobile repairs in general so I think we should add that when doing
body work on an Amphicar the more body work you do with metal (brazing,
welding or even lead) the longer your job will last. The advice I got
for using body filler was as follows: After you have finished your
metal work a good epoxy primer is PGG DP40. After you apply it you must
allow 2 days for it to dry. Next, EVERCOAT RAGE is the recommended
body filler. It makes a very good bond with the DP40. Last ( before you
paint) PPG NCP 280 primer is recommended. It dries with a shine so you
can see areas needing work without having to pour kerosene all over the
car. Anyone who is at this stage of restoration might want to run these
ideas by your body man.
'66 red