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I was interested in getting an original period radio for my first Amphi but was overtaken by other problems with the car and never got around to it. Aside from the American AM Motorolas (that said Amphicar on the glass), it seemed like everyone had old Blaupunkts, usually the Frankfurt model AM/FM. I think I saw an AM only Hamburg in one as well. I even found a new clone that looked like a Frankfurt but was modernized. Some guy in Costa Mesa, CA has 'em but you have to paint the knobs. Meanwhile, I could never find a "correct" faceplate for use had I bought either of the above. Earlier tonight I finally found the fabled faceplates looking for Isetta stuff. With 3 German odd-ball cars now, some stuff not sourced in Amphicar discussion surfaces elsewhere. Anyway, sells these faceplates for about $15.00USD from Germany. Search item 7-911. - azpaul50


Just went to find this item again and it has been deleted. I should have gotten one while I was thinking about it.


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I went to great pains to source a period correct Blaupunkt Frankfurt (X) AM/FM radio for my Amphicar.

Unwilling (too tight) to pay the $300-$400 for a "rebuilt" unit plus shipping - I purchased a radio from Austria and knobs from Germany. It was a lot of mucking around.....but I tell myself that the minor saving was worth it.

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Craig Parada

Craig Parada
After mucking around with almost "correct" Blaupunkt Frankfurt (6/12-volt, +/- ground, but 1967/68 "Z" series), I picked up an even newer Blaupunkt Karlsruhe (get it?), and a very nice regulated voltage inverter (also in Costa Mesa: Woody's Custom Shop).

It's still silly-expensive, but not $4-500. Due to the noise and chat level, audio is only useful when parked or at parade-speed, but it's fun to have what looks and sounds period-correct! Next step: making the MP3/iPod plug-in to play mid-'60s radio (with ads).


Maybe I'm trying to be "too" correct, especially for a car that already diverges from a standard model (trailer hitch, World Fair clone). I first broached this subject when I got my first Amphi. The consensus was that a "correct" USA car should have a Motorola AM radio with a glass faceplate that had "Amphicar" on it. That was the holy grail for USA cars only. The Frankfurt radio aspect seemingly entered the conversation for owners, including North Americans, who were following a European configuration which, based on pictures, I found to have the trapezoid faceplate most often along with white buttons and knobs. Craig, we're talking about the same clone radio and shop in Costa Mesa but his unit has black knobs, no buttons, and in my opinion, doesn't look all that much like a Frankfurt. I got hot on getting a real Frankfurt but noted frequency differences and then decided to abandon the whole "real" Frankfurt idea. My current Amphi had a vintage AM radio (not Motorola) which was disconnected with no antenna anywhere on the car. As you say Craig, sound quality isn't all that important in a noisy Amphicar so I didn't worry about it. Now that I ended up doing a major fix to the wiring I discovered that it works. I bought a hidden antenna for inside the windshield but haven't figured out how to bring the antenna lead into the car yet. I really hate to drill new holes in any of my old cars. Then I saw John's car which has many modern upgrades although I'm not interested in new stuff myself. That Juanito is a whizz, let me tell you! I'm sure he can tell you size of fish is beneath his car, swimming depth, and species... all in surround sound and in continual contact with the U.S. weather service!! LOL! So it seems that were someone new to Amphicars trying to decide about radios, they must first decide whether to follow a USA or Euro vintage model. If wanting modern convenience, Woody's clone may be the way to go. Based on what Peter says, even in Europe there were cars with other than Frankfurts as I also noticed reviewing pictures. As for me, I'm going with the Frankfurt faceplate, like many other Amphis but keeping the old AM I have. Rys, I looked into white knobs from Germany and shipping to the USA was crazy, more than the knobs themselves. There's like a white knob, multinational conspiracy all caused by those Porsche 356 and VW enthusiasts!!! If I try to put white knobs from another source, all that is needed is a type that fits a 6mm shaft and has a set screw. My AM is so basic it doesn't even have tone dials. I think Gordon has those and are actually cheaper than any I found from Europe if shipping is included. Meanwhile, it is unclear if any button sets from Germany would work with a later model replacement. That suggests using a real Frankfurt just to have white preset buttons! Koenig has button sets but the question is whether they will work with anything other than a genuine Euro radio?? Ay, yi, yi! If anyone is interested, I think my OCD is getting worse! - AZP


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I have a few steel Radio delete plates avalable and have made some Fibreglass ones to, glass ones are good for adding extra switches or warning lights.
The black glass one in this car is crincle finish with 3 lights in it,100_2986.JPGView attachment 1029

Michael Kelly

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I really enjoy reading these threads! I cant believe that Azpaul50 has an isseta as well as an amphi! because I have two of them as well!
Then I read that another fellow has a Metropolitan! I am looking for one!
Between the three of us we must have the goofiest car collection on the planet!!
I read in the news paper three four years ago that the Amphi, the Isseta and the Ford Edsel were the worst cars ever made! I disagree!
(Well Maybe the edsel!!)

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer! Ive had my car in the water everyday this month!