Billy Splash King Syx to the rescue



Billy Splash King Syx to the rescue

My oil cooler woes weren't going away.
I'd given up attending the Puddingstone
Swim-in as a lost opportunity in a down-
Amphi time. Then I got "the call." It was
Billy, post Junkyard Wars Billy, and he
was definitely on a mission to party in
San Diego with Amphipoda & Mermaid.
How Billy (with help from Allan W.) got
me an oil cooler is still a bit of a mystery,
but I'm mighty thankful they did. That's
what Amphi folks do for one another. So
Billy & I (mostly Billy) put some fresh
engine mounts in and the oil cooler, then
took a quick test dip, then strapped Amphi
onto my half of a co-owned trailer. The '69
Oldsmobile would be towing Amphi into
the mountains of Los Angles - this would
Amphipoda's very FIRST TIME TOWING
anything to anywhere!!! To top off the
tension, I was in the midst of a stage 3
cold (runny facet nose, fever, cold flashes,
and brutal hacking cough). Took all the
medication I could find and we hit the
road. Arrived safe with no problems
and somehow found the energy to have
more fun than a sick person should, but
remember I had Billy and lots other cool
amphibians to give me strength. Another
perfect Puddingstone outing, save for
one new comer green Amphi who had to
be pulled ashore by the water nazis and
then pulled up the ramp by Amphi folks.
Did you know that if your ignition light
burns out then your Amphi no longer can
charge its battery? Subtle tip to remember
and a spare bulb could be priceless. Also
Billy managed to get 9 people in my car
and in the water before the water nazis
chased him ashore. Sharing life vests is
not permitted even in knee deep water.
Thanks to Ed for putting us at Puddingstone
again and next year the rangers said we
can bring our own cones and block off
the ramp for "Amphicars Only." The next
day I called in sick to work and took Billy
on a pilgrimage to Gordon Imports. He
seemed to really like it there, so I left him
there and drove home alone. He really did
like it there and he knows where all the
parts go, so yes... I really did leave him
there. Billy, I trust you either made it home
or now work at Gordons - either way my friend;
A very special thanks to Billy for all his help,
sharing of Amphi wisdom, and reminding
us all that owning an Amphi is like a gift
for everyone to enjoy. You da man Billy!

Amphipoda (mostly recovered from cold/flu)
'64 Amphi (fixed and running fine)
San Diego, CA (stilly sunny)

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