Bilge spouts revisited...


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OK, I accidently gave out the wrong dimensions in the thread that was hijacked and subsequently and appropriately deleted.

I wanted to re-post them...

They are .50" Dia alum tubing so you can polish it to match trim. 5.25" long with a 30deg bend at 2.25". I designed it so it gives you a choice to have the water shoot more up or more out depending on which way you install it.

Canadian four amphs

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Spouts are a great unit and have them on all Amphicars I work on.
They were a great club gift and were much apreciated.
seen many variations... (shower heads)
I have one I made squirt out of a gico's mouth
My car has a remote and can squirt at will so I narrowed a end down for range.
to see in action go to Youtube and punch in (Bad Amphicar)
poor kid! in all sport after he learded the secret Jerry gave him a T shift of our show in Boston.