bilge pump switch and engine breather line



Nearing floation date and sea trails.

1) Whilst working on the bilge switch I noticed an additional fuse
holder attached to it that had been shorted out. My question is,
why does the bilge need another fuse when there's one up front?? I
get nervous when I see protective devices with jumpers.

2) I spent many hours cleaning my bilge which had years accumulation
of oily decomposed organic leaf material in it. The oil I figured
was years of leaking seals and oil residual from oil changes. Upon
inspection after a short road test I found a shiney new coat of oil
under what appears to be a breather vent tube on the l/h side of the
engine. My crankcase is not over filled so my guess is that I have
excessive ring blowby. Regardless, what genius thought of this?
Has anyone found a solution to vent the line elsewhere or devise an
air/oil separator?

3) My genertor is back online! Woo Hoo! All it needed was a new
regulator. Thanks for the troubleshooting ideas everyone.

glenn in Oregon