Bilge Pump outlet stainless steel tube


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Hello all:

After sourcing the 1/2" stainless tubing I was able to find a tubing bender that could cut and bend the 1/2" OD Stainless tubing.
This worked out well and I have installed them on both my bilge outlets. Stock outlets are 1/2" (mine were 9/16" and one is slightly lower then the other).
I took some 3M 5200 Marine glue to adhere mine and am waiting until it cures to clean up the excess glue. I have these available now for anyone that
wants one, two or even more. The material I bought produced 60 of the tubes and the total cost was right at $20.00 each for material and bending. I checked
at the post office and I can send them pretty much anywhere for $5.00. So it you want one, two or any amount of them they are $20.00 each and $5.00
shipping for any quantity. You can email me directly at and I will send you a Paypal “request for payment”.

Hope this helps all those out there that have been looking for this unique way to see if your bilge pump is pumping out water while you are driving.

Jerry Dunn
1964 Amphicar
Avalon, Catalina Island


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Thanks, Jerry. I received your bilge outlet tube. Nicely made. It looks great!

My original bilge outlet was a tiny bit tight for the new tube. I carefully reamed out the outlet by about 1/64", in to a depth of about 1 1/2", using a 1/2" drill bit. The outlet wall seems to thick enough, so removing this small amount does not seem to weaken it. Your tube then goes in with a nice, snug fit. I don't think any adhesive is needed. Perfect. Thanks.