Bilge Fan Timer Tubes


Bill Connelly

> Hi Bilge master I need the correct tube part number for the bilge pump
timer tube I have the amphicar part number but I need the actual tube number
(type) if you could help me I sure would appreciate it. Charlie

You'll find several postings about "tubes" in the Amphicar-Lovers List
Archives at:

See also Dennis Drake's posting at:

In the above posting, Dennis mentions that "The 'Radio Tube' delay timer was
a 2 minute (Original Equipment) from Amperite Corporation, Union City NJ.
They were made in 30, 45, 60, 75, 90 and 120 second models. Item #12NO30T,
the 30 second tube was the most popular."

Amperite is still in business and has a homepage at Although they do not list any "Item#12NO30T" as
such in their searchable online stock catalog, their G-Series Page at describes what looks like just the
ticket, so you might want to drop them a line to see if hey have anything in
stock that'll do the trick.