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First a relay went that caused the override button to cease to work such that I had to wait the 2 minutes for the car to start unless I push and hold the button. Then, while peacefully idling, something else happened such that all power was lost. However, if the emergency button is pushed and held, power is restored and the car will start and run. Any downside to changing the button to a switch that stays on? Alternatively, does anyone have a panel, used or new, that works that they are willing to part with for some reasonable money? Anyone have step by step instructions to completely override the system? Thanks.

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I do not know how you do it but it is supposedly very easy to bypass the bilge blower override switch and is definitely recommended (you can leave the parts for show).* Dave the wave did mine, I think Cap'n John also knows how.* Perhaps one of them will provide a "how to".


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It's not hard to take the top off the relays and clean the contacts. That's probably all that's wrong with the system. Captain John did a wiring diagram for the system. If you are not inclined to doing electrical things, take the car and John's diagram to an automotive repair guy and he should be able to easily fix it.

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I would not suggest using a switch. A short is probably back feeding. Positive ground systems have some unique characteristics. Remember You have full un fused power going to dash,then to relay panel. I do have some untested relays. Just got rid of the NOS panel. I am not much on typing directions. But removing relays from circuit is not too hard. But first check wires near ignition switch. Look for loose or corroded wires. Puddingstone this weekend? Send tickets will bring meter! Later Dave the Wave


One of my back burner projects is to replace the current vacuum tube based timing circuit with a solid state timer. I don't think it's terribly complex. I also want to add a visible countdown timer (or at least some indicator that the car is getting ready to start) and some other stuff, but it's not really a priority at the moment.

I've heard enough horror stories about boats exploding due to fuel vapors that I do want to keep the bilge blower circuit intact.