Bilge Blower Relays



Did you know that the bilge blower relays are not available through Gordon Imports and they are not listed on Gord Souter's parts list. What is one to do when one needs one of these (9-30a-03 and 9-30a-04)?

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Ron Green

I believe you can carefully take the case off them, file the points and usually get them working.
I picked up a few replacements (not for sale) at the swap meets at the amphi swim ins throughout the years. Mine never gave me a problem but then a few days before leaving for that Mount Dora amphi swim in one of the relays went bad. I elected to bypass the system (a few wires) which is easy to do rather then take the chance and get stuck somewhere. I leave it all in place and if I ever want to hook it up again all I have to do is switch a couple of wires.


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Ron has the right idea. Leave it all in place for appearance sake but bypass it electrically for reliability.

I think you can still purchase the whole assembly from Hugh. The metal plate that has the relay holder, tube holder, and relays attached.