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Subject: Better than red

I have a ' 64 white with red side bumper moldings, red rear
bumper molding, and a red boot. The matching red and white
interior (new) and the red wheels are perfect. This was the color
scheme of the NY Worlds fair limited-production Amphi.

This car is mechanically and cosmetically extraordinary. The car
when I bought it was painted white-white through-out. The paint
is great, but I have never liked the black trim. This is my opinion,
but it was an ugly duckling. But the red made an INCREDIBLE
difference. It turned it into a swan. I can't believe it. I am so
excited, like a little kid in a candy store! I've decided that this is
the cutest Amphi color scheme ever! Period. It is a knock-out.
Before friends said that it was very they say, "WOW".
It is that sharp! I am not exaggerating. Just add red boat
numbers and watch out!

I spoke to Hugh Gordon in-person yesterday. I met him and
delivered to him a Challenger Amphi trailer that he is going to
use to haul a car that he is buying when he goes back to Calif
after Celina. He delivered a bunch of parts to me for a green car
that you will see in Celina. I met him in Indianapolis. He is
going to sell the trailer to one of his customers that lives in
California. He concurred with everything I said about my color
scheme revelation.

I believe that if it this car were marketed correctly.....maybe
auctioned on the east or west coast, it would sell for over $75K,
probably higher. But I don't want to wait for the big return. I want
to sell it now. This car is absolutely the cutest car I have ever
owned and performs like it has a 1300 in it. It is the best
performing Amphi that I have owned. It runs great, shifts great,
swims great! I just put on new wide white walls tires. Don't
forget, I will deliver it to you affordably!

This is it!

How else can one make an instant $20K and have more fun
than anything you can do with your clothes on. It is for sale at

I can't wait to see the expression on the buyers face when he
sees this car for the first time. It is a fantastic price....for an
incredible car. If interested, please contact me.

Robert Vondracek
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