Best way to install engine/ transmission

I am almost at this point and am wondering if the engine/ transmission should go in the car bolted together, or first put the transmission in place on its mounts and then lower the engine to it :032: Thanks!

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I always put the trany in 1st, hook up all the axle shafts etc,get it on wheels, but leave propeller shafts off so you can get at bottom 2 bolts.


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No question, put them in as an assembly! Get them bolted together hanging in the air to make it soooo much easier to get the trans shaft aligned and fully inserted without damage and to get the bolts properly torqued. This makes it easier by far.

Drop it in starting out almost 90 deg to final position. As you lower it, twist it slightly getting the trans under the package shelf and it goes in easy as pie. The only thing to look for is there is a small boss on the block just in front of the oil filter that can catch on the cross member. Be aware of it when you think you only have to go another 2" to go. Wrap the trans in rags to protect finish.


I've had my motor and transmission in and out a few times over the last few years. My preference is to do it as an assembly. The key to the whole thing is to but a $35 engine balancer. (Northern Industrial Engine Equalizer — 1250-Lb. Capacity | Hoisting Accessories | Northern Tool + Equipment)
This allows you to change the center of gravity as you lower it into the car. with three people, a towel of the transmission it glides right in. The only snafu I've encounter is to make sure you don't catch the series of wires running from the junction box on the left running across the middle to the coil, starter, etc.