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Hello all

My name is Vincent, I’m 26 years old and I live in France, not that far from Lyon. I’m a medecine student and for many years I have developed a passion for "exotic car" like amphicars or post war little car like "Julien mm5". 

In fact, i think this is due to my grandpa who owned this type of car and he talk with so much passion about them !...
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I know this forum since a long time, and I was thinking, it was a good point to start my restauration project. i'm also a member of IAOC which is a perfect place to find good help !!

I already contact Dave the wave who take a lot of time, trying to help me but it doesnt work because of lack of time and covid.

I was thinking i could get it back to live my self without help but today I’m writing to you.
My grand father loves amphicars and he bought one in 1962 to reach his house on the « loire » river easily.

A few years ago, the car burnt and it has never been restored since because he had an accident on his boat. He survived but never got enough force to rebuild it. 

The car is currently in good shape, no rust at all. All i need is parts, which are very expensive, here in europe.

So i'm searching for a complete car, with all parts on it (especially chassis for top frame....), regardless the states of the chassis and body work
For three years, I ‘ve been searching for these parts in Europe but there was nothing very interesting , the car is too rare here …

I know the amphi community is very strong so i’m taking my chance ! I really want to get my grand dad in this car to get another swim in the river with him !

Thanks for your help
i like the fact that this car will be a commue project with you and a family project with my dad and grandpa... Thank you again

Best Regard


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some difficulties for posting on the forum
Thank you for your help
I already contact Potomac for this car, it seems that this is a puzzle of multiple car parts, so this is not exactly what i'm looking for
I prefer to have a nice complete original car, that hasn't been dismantle
Thank you for your help again and have a nice day
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