Best Amphi weekend ever



Spent the weekend, at least a good portion of it, on the Charles
River enjoying the 4th of July festival in our '66 white amphi.
Yesterday, we entered the water at 6:00 pm and left at midnight.
Most of the time was spent on anchor (a cinder block on a rope)
watching a concert and then the fireworks. It was almost like an old
time drive in movie: we sat in the back seat under a blanket watching
the sky light up.

I used to be concerned about shutting the engine off and floating but
now am very comfortable with the feeling (and only about 2 gallons an
hour in the bildge). Our car is behaving and performing well.

Another highlight was a DuckBoat wedding. One of the DuckBoat
captains is also an amphi owner, Gary McNaley. He had proposed and
was taking his fiancee on a Duck cruise when several other boats (and
us) motored over and the surprise wedding occurred. It was great
watching a couple get married on an amphibious vehicle. They then
spent the later afternoon cruising around in their green amphi with
a "just Married" sign.

Boston has got to be one of the best places for an amphicar on the

Rob and Chi-Chi
'66 in Boston