before the rush, during, today


David Derer

red 64 $800
red 66 nice $2800
green 62 1900 miles $3500
blue rusty $3500
white 66 rusty $4500
green 62 $8500
red rusty $15000
Just a sampling of what I can remember. I am entering My tenth year of
Amphicarness and I do not recall any 46k Amphicars in 1996. I think
Bilgey is right with the $24k one. The biggest problem was buying the
perfect Amphicar for $500 dollars BEFORE Mike Echemann. Mike was able to
buy (I am guessing) over 350 Amphicars mostly mint mostly one owner most
coming with extra nos transmissions. Ah the good ol days!!!!! Hey Bilgey
come on over to Ozarks! We will pick You up at St. Louis airport or
hitch a ride with Mike Isreal. Come on!!!!! Later Dave the Wave

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