beating the winter blues


David Derer

Today I start on front fender of Brown Wonder. Need to get it red. The
inside has nice BMW wooden steering wheel now. Last years compass
proudly points the way on dash. New wooden floor with lots of marine
varnish will hold up to the biggest Boy Scout. Doing a little bit of
something is my way of beating these winter blues. Bilgeing 8 degrees
tomorrow. Viva Celina! Later Dave the Wave

<font FACE="arial,helvetica"><font SIZE="3" FAMILY="SERIF" FACE="Calisto MT" LANG="0">Al, Congratulations on your lake level, that's a cool thing. Get yourself a
closed trailer, your cars deserve it. For me its a long 1150 miles from Tampa
to Celina rhymes with Carolina. 750 miles or so to the car fest in North
Carolina. And with the street rod shows in between, I can justify the need
for a good trailer. The trailer will carry both the little swimmers just fine
with room for a refrigerator full of cold bruskies too.

Tommy & Lynne in Tampa</font>

Al Heath

Couple days ago it was 70 outside, weeds I sprayed roundup on two weeks ago
are getting green again, rain ... rain ... lots of lovely rain ... my lake
that was down 14 feet with ramps ending long before the water is now 2 feet
above normal now .... (but lake 40 miles west is still down 11 feet) ...
and today it bilged sleet for an hour. ... The '67 has grease fittings on
the front, not just drilled into the dust cap, nor just a spring loaded
"bearing buddy" but a very heavy thick wall casting over the hub. Anybody
tried adapting a disc caliper system to replace the front drums? or would
the calipers be more prone to sticking/dragging than the good old strong
springs in the drums? Rich, Charles, I'm with you ...trailers ... 18 ft
bob tail, 7000 lb with brakes for under $1,100 (new) used to fit my
trailering needs ... now might have to look into one big enough for a
couple of cars (or carry one / tow one), but then again, unless it is cross
country, we just usually drive them. East Texas makes a lot of trailers,
some less $$ than others.

Al Heath