Bearing Buddies


Gord Souter

A while ago a fellow club member asked about bearing buddies for amphicars.
I informed them off line that I indeed did have a procedure where I took
them to a machine shop and had a bunch made for sale.
These have been in my list of parts for about a year now.The list on the
files section is good but out of date. My Inventory of NOS falls each week
while parts being made increases.
Also back when the news letter was printed in New York I sent a letter to
the x press. On a procedure for rebuilding the shock spring ass. With new
shocks. He informed me that they did not want to print info like that in the
club news letter.
I know that things have changed for the better since the early 90,s .
A very busy section of my parts sale has been interior kits with over 20
shipped out across the States and Canada
A local lady name Alfea Millar has been making them for me, every ones looks
great,and I give her a big thanks for working so hard on making them look
exact as possible.they have been selling for $750 but with the fall of the
US dollar against the Canadian
I have been shy about $50 Can.(30 us) on each sale and have been considering
raising the price by that if you are in the market for a kit call in
before I do.Theres lots of people on this chat that can tell you how nice
these interiors are

four amphis

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John Friese

I recently had to replace a bad front wheel bearing on my Red car so
last week I put bearing buddies on all four wheels of both my
Amphicars. I purchased mine from Roger St John and they fit well and
don't get in the way of the hub caps. The front units are really the
most important since the back ones really only protect the end of the
shafts and nuts, something that grease alone would probably do pretty
well, but it's nice to be protected as possible. The concept of these
little devices is rather clever and I'm glad to have them.

John Friese

White 67
Red 67