Be sure to ....



... place your vote for the number of parts in an Amphi!

Thanks Ralph for the compliments! I have MANY hours in the
preperation of the schematics, and probably 40-60+ hours in the
manuals. I hope all who eventually have one will appreciate the
efforts when they can actually see the clear pics and crisp text.

The manuals will include a non-laminated "B" size (14x20) color
schematic, I reccomend adding a laminated one for working in the
garage with. Greasy fingerprints will wipe off and if you use dry
erase markers, you can jot down notes and wipe 'em off later.

Well, 1/2 day today so I can pick up the polished trim and newly
rechromed bumpers. Hopefully she will be driveable this weekend!

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