Be a Bilger (repost)



Date: Wed, 17 May 2000 06:49:19

Now that I am a bilger it seems only fitting that
I expound upon the Joys of Bilging. Oh, I once
lived and breathed bilge free buoyancy, but now
I have seen the light. Bilging is fun, bilging is
arguably the purest form of Amphi expression. And
perhaps one of the most interesting and colorful
words today is the word "bilge". It is a magical
word which, just by its sound, can describe pain,
pleasure, love, and hate. As you will see, there are
very few words with the overall versatility of the
word "bilge". This incredible word can be used to
describe many situations:

Greeting - "How the bilge are ya?"
Fraud - "I got bilged by the body shop."
Resignation - "Oh, bilge it!"
Trouble - "I guess I'm bilged now."
Aggression - "BILGE YOU!"
Disgust - "Bilge me."
Confusion - "What the bilge.......?"
Difficulty-"I don't understand this bilging business!"
Despair - "Bilged again..."
Pleasure - "I bilging couldn't be happier."
Displeasure - "What the bilge is going on here?"
Lost - "Where the bilge are we."
Retaliation - "Up your bilging arse!"
Denial - "I didn't bilging do it."
Perplexity - "I know bilge all about it."
Apathy - "Who really gives a bilge, anyhow?"
Suspicion - "Who the bilge are you?"
Panic - "Let's get the bilge out of here."
Directions - "Bilge off."
Disbelief - "How the bilge did you do that?"

Next time we will explore bilging etiquette.
No doubt another highly informative bilge
upon the digest by yours truly....

`64 Turquoise
San Diego, CA