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Gord Souter
Just now
exact copy of the battery box that Amphicars had in them 3 pc, kit $140.00 pl. shipping. 3ed pc. is bracket to hold down battery.Takes a type 51 Battery. readly available.
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Just had a few more made. This one is going to Alaska! click on pic to enlarge.


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Just got to Fl this week... Will take a box to UPS and/or post and see. Give me a shipping address.


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Happy New Year.

Kerry cheese
13 canon woods way
TN24 9QY

Many thanks


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ops sorry do not go on this site very often..
Just found a UPS store near me will go there and see.


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Hi. Any news on shipping one to the uk please
I never ever drove my Amphicar even once without the marine red plastic battery box 1967-1983.....these were available at every outboard marine boating store on the lake with a white nylon Web belt that kept the white lid on, and held the whole box to the steel floor. I think in the 1960s it was maybe $6. It kept the floor from rusting into a big hole, also the quarter panel.