Battery box options


My car is in the shop and will be paintd in a few days. I'd forgotten to address what tipe of battery box or hold downs to use. I contacted Gord awhile back and was going to get one of his boxes but it slipd my mind and now the shop is ready to paint. If I have them paint it what other options do I have for securing down an RV type box for my battery? I'm thinking I'd have to drill holes in the panel below the battery for hold down starps but I'm not sure I want to do that. Any other ideas that would work after paint?


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No need to buy a battery box from hugh when you can go to any Sears or Wal-Mart to get the same thing cheaper & w/o shipping. Have your shop spot weld a couple brackets for the strap that comes with the generic plastic boxes (about $10). Simple and effective.

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Talk about making your Amphicar look cheap, ugly and WRONG.. a boat box just does not cut it..!
As Original, proper battery brakects hold down and box for type 51 batterys full kit $115.00. I have one in NH and will be at Boston.
If your car is painted they can still be installed by using the new epoxy type panel glues that steel is installed with at bodyshops or could be bolted down and sealed as you do your rear bumperets.