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Friend out in Scottsdale tells me that,
A 1965 aqua colored Amphicar just sold for $58k. It looked like a well restored car.

Is seller someone on the forums?

Looks like prices have come down.


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Wife looked up on Comp said one sold for 48 other for 63,000
Tom also had a Metropolitan there for sale.
A little less than the last one he sold there!
Hopefully now, people wont think there half _done____ Amphi is worth thoughs high prices
Att. is a photo of my Met I redid this winter,, Not going to Auction it off thou.


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Yep, it was mine. Hammered at $58,000 ($63,800.00 with commission) which seems a little mediocre after selling one for twice that a couple years ago. I guess the right buyers just weren't there but it's probably a more realistic price. The Metropolitan set a new world record at $46,000.00 ($50,600.00 with Commission)
two world record sales under my belt now. What's next?
I just hope I will be able to get out of mine what I have in it...If I ever decide to sell, getting closer to that breaking point though (I'd better get it swimming soon).