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The man in the back window mystery has been solved! suleica-trailer.jpg

I’ve been virtually obsessed with that picture since I first found it in 1999 and it’s taken me nearly 10 years of exhaustive research to finally identify this bloke. The search was thwarted with numerous dead ends, confounded wives’ tales, rumors, false accusations, and even outright lies linking him to an unnamed rouge Canadian IAOC club member. One highly promising lead led me to a sasquatch family in northern Victoria, but only to be quelled by descendants who pointed out that the “man” in the window was actually a woman whose name escapes me but here’s her photo: DelinaRossa.jpg She or it was later dispelled as the wrong individual due to her incredible fear of the water. Clearly not an amphibian or someone who would ride in an Amphicar pulled amphibious trailer.

Another promising lead led me to a shack in Lincoln, Montana, where the famed occupant was apparently apprehended by the authorities in April of 1996. Ted Kaczynski (aka the Unabomber) was later interviewed and claimed he is in fact the person in the back of the trailer but that the occurrence would happen in the future. Time traveling amphibians is, and always will be, a possibility however his claim had to be dispelled due to Ted’s life sentence without the possibility of parole in the supermax facility of Florence, Colorado. ted-kaczynski-kazinsky-unabomber.jpg

Somewhat discouraged I eventually took the Amphicar pulling a trailer photo to a friend of mine who runs a forensics lab equipped with all the latest in high technology photon rendering digital enhancement capability. The enhance photo was then sent to the FBI’s amphibious branch known as the Archaic Aquatic Sector (aka the FBI’s ASS branch). The ASS computer chewed on this data by cross referencing the pixel rendering with millions and millions of like individuals from the known database and after no less than 44 minutes out popped the results. Yes, my fine finned friends… the dude in the back of the amphibious trailer is none other than Rubeus Hagrid. rubeus-hagrid.jpg :005:


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After reading this, I am at a loss for words. But Hey! Thanks for all the research!


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A while back I was asking if there was a trailer for Amphicars, as a lady in Peterbrough Ont said she had one for sale for $100, Now I wish I had gone to look at it, there may have been a skeleton in the rear.