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Hi All, So we were swimming Weird Herald on Saturday. At the South end of the
lake is an old style fish camp. A place where you can still get shiners and
wiggles. We always stop and support it by purchasing a can of pop and answering
the obligatory questions for a while.
It's 4PM when a Jeep slides to a stop and pony express style this couple
dismounts. He reaches into the back for his camera while she bails with the key
her hand. As she jumps out to see the Amphi she lets the clutch out with the
Jeep in gear. It jumps foward about 6" right up onto his foot, BACK UP BABY
YOUR ON MY FOOT !!! Now she is on the ground and has to climb in, start up the
Jeep, put it into reverse and back off his foot. But they are in an Amphi
frenzy and are feeling no pain. So now the guy hobbles over and says "I owned
of these in 1979 an Aquacar"
I guess I witnessed a case of advanced Karma. Punished in advanced for
telling that lie. Anyone that has ever owned an Amphicar wont forget the name
call it an Aquacar. It was funny, he got what he deserved and he got it in
advance. Tommy in Tampa

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Could they have been the same folks (maybe relatives?) who were in
the jeep when we were out with the Cutter? ;) Remember they didn't
have any idea what they were doing and didn't have enough oomph to
pull the boat out. Maybe something (kharma) about that place
requires you to show some reverance to the gator godz. Good practice
at any rate I say! ;)


Larry & Nancy Solheim

They're all over, Tommy. Saturday we were playing
Monopoly for real w/ Amphi in Atlantic City. Some
high roller in a BMW convertible w/ a trophy girl
friend, sees us, slows down and shouts "Really cool,
guys! What is it?" Nancy answers, "It's a 1966
Amphicar". The guy answers with a pause, "Oh ... yeah
... I though it was a '65" and drives off. I guess
his girlfriend was impressed.


[snip]....a case of advanced Karma.... [snip]

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