Back on Track (was: Distributor Woes)


Bill Connelly

Thanks to Mike Echemann, who UPS'd me a perfect low mileage distributor
assembly (for a better-than-bargain price I'm sure none of you want to hear
about), OLD BUOY is once again the scourge of all that is paved and waved.

Thanks to everyone else who chimed in with tips and support, too. And to
the prophetic Mr. Chapman, I should add that just as you foresaw, I indeed
DID lay the shaft in 180 degrees off the first time...I suppose it's a
corollary to the falling Buttered Bread Axiom to Murphy's Law, whereby the
buttered side will ALWAYS hit the floor...In this case, if there are two
possibilies in an distributor shaft's alignment, the first one chosen will
ALWAYS be the wrong one. Still, it only took a minute to rotate it, and
all's well that ends well.

Thanks again folks, you're the geechiest, man....And by the way, I just got
off the phone with Randy B. in Maryland, and it turned out it WAS just an
electrical-ignition system gremlin after all, so he's now running on all
four cylinders. Despite the filthy weather, it's been a great day down
here, just south of the Mason-Dixon.