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Hello Amphi Owners,

We have just returned from a 5700 mile 64 day vacation in our RV with
our Amphi & Amphicamper. Most of the time was spent in the great state
of Texas. We used our Amphi mainly to get around once we parked the
RV, but also did get to do a little swimming. We did Grapevine Lake
with Al & Debra Heath which was a great time! Also went swimming in
Amsted lake in Del Rio, probably the largest lake our Amphi has been
in yet. We had a brief visit with Warren & Lisa in Austin and got to
see a show Amphi at the Dallas Autorama. If you want to see
photos, please follow the link at

It was fun to follow your posts when we had a internet connection,
still a sporatic event in state parks & rv campgrounds.

RE: Pertronix. I did install a LU-149 just before we left. It was a
straight forward 15 minute install and our Amphi ran flawless the
whole trip. One Note: Pertronix advises a minimum of 3 ohms coil
resistance when used on 4 cylinders or the device will be short
lived. Many coils (including mine)do not have this much resistance.
I bought a 1.5 ohm resistor for 2 bucks at Autozone, and wired it in
the coil circuit. The old points and condensor are in the glove box
just in case. 15 minutes will always put them back in if there is a


Paul, Linda, John, Mark Lalewicz & Spanky & Zoot the travelers

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