Back bumper question for John Friese

Tommy in Tampa

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Hi there everyone this question is for anyone but John did say something about the style of the rear bumpers. I did not know there eally and late style.
Here are a couple of the new amphi from the rear.
What do you think? What style are these?
Thanks in advance, Tommy in Tampa


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There is 2 styles one is the one you have and one is more straight up and down usally an earlier model. You ask how I know ?

Because if you look at my car I have one of both and Hugh pointed it out to me one day having so many cars when I was putting to gether years ago I just took two of the best looking ones and yep you guessed it one of each:012:

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I have a early car.(for Sale)
seial #100056
It has the same bumper shown on this pic of blue car
I have always guessed that these were the early bumpers and have had a few.
Just as John did with His car many others have probably done the same over the years,
Documented Milage...Hmm, thats a good one for discution here on this group..
How do tell if the miles are correct on a Amphicar..
NOS speepos have always been aval with 0 miles.. easy switch.
If I tear an engine down
I can get a rough Idea of the miles by cylinder wear.
look at the brake pedals corners show ighs of wear,, trhats a tell tail/
but they can be changed too.


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Here are the 2 styles. First is the early (more curved) and second is the late (more "square").

I have added some of these differences in the VIN registry (Members only section) page for now. I will at some point give it it's own page.


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