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David Derer

There is that smell a car has. The oil and gas. Then the sounds. The
squeak the gas pedal makes. The muffler rattle. I say My Amphi is for
sale but I dont believe Me. I still dont know what the price is. Then I
seem to find items that just must be repaired before someone else could
own. Then that dang Gordons flyer arrives. Maybe a trinket or two. Then
in the mail a brochure arrives and there is our Amphi. So Yeah its for
sale but it is priced a tad higher than it may be worth. But what is
that big smile and wave worth? What is planning an Amphi event worth? I
think the price just went up again. I still have this great running
swimming green Amphi here for sale. Plus soon I will have a rust free
complete shell project. If not sold then it will be painted its original
color red. Later Dave the Wave