AYA voting has ended



The Amphibian of Year Award voting has ended.
The off-line emails I received in conjunction
with the "Polls" input made for a very tight
race right up to the end. Due to the great
voter turn out and terrific response of this
endeavor I have created a second category of
award... The Golden Mermaid Award (GMA).
Now the fun of creating the actual awards &
presentation speech writing begins. No amount
of money will pry the names of the winners
from my lips, however an Amphicar transmission
would go a long way towards narrowing the list.
So until we meet in Celina, Ohio in late July
you are free to lay awake at night wondering
who won the Amphibian of Year Award and the
Golden Mermaid Award... It could be YOU!
Also, a massive shout out to Hugh, Jeanie, &
Shellee at Gordon Imports for some key ingredients
that give these awards that special amphibiousness.
Thanks Gordon Imports, you're the greatest!
And thanks to all who took the time to vote!
Be well, Swim Safe.

'64 Turquoise
San Diego, CA