AYA Update



AYA Update

The nominees are in and 37 votes have
been cast (hoping for 50 minimum to
make it legitimate). I have listed
nominees with 2 or more recorded votes
below just for giggles and would like
to thank everyone who took the time to
vote. Ironically, we now have a bilging
3 way tie for first place, so if you've
not already voted... remember the last
presidential election in Florida - every
vote counts (unless the chad is hanging,
pregnant, dimpled, or mutated).

The 2002 Amphibian of the Year Award
(AYA) Nominees (in no particular order)
with 2 or more votes;

Billy Syx (East Coast Amphicar wisdom)
Dave the Wave (most improved punctuation)
Marc Schlemer (much behind the scenes stuff)
Capt. John B. (screen savers, schematics, etc.)
Mike Israel (the Yahoo & E-scribe boards)
Gord Souter (discount parts availability)
Al Heath (cool archive CD's)
Mike Dixon* (unwanted perspective, viruses)
Amphipoda (don't vote for me, I'm exempt)

Voting ends May 31st so I can get the award
engraved. Please vote early and vote often!!!
Send votes to amphipoda@yahoo.com
Be well, swim safe.

`64 Turquoise
San Diego, CA

* Actually Mr. Dixon only got one vote, but I
just had to share it with you.