Axle tube bushings - a followup question...

Jon March

I cant find the thread, but a while back, when describing the method for assembling the rear swing arm/axle tube/axle nuts/tension, etc, Cameron Chapman was kind enough to mention the following:

before assembling - check the (outer) brass bushing where the weight rides in the outer round axle tube housing - that can wear - and a 1/6 turn from its original 12' oclock position, to a fresh, unworn area of the tube, can give more life

My question - why 1/6th in particular? I would agree that 180 degrees might have some upward-wear, but would maybe 2/6ths of a turn be the freshest area? That said - I expect that a visual inspection of the original 12'oclock postions would best inform as to the cleanest area to call the "new" 12'oclock position!