axle- river


David Derer

I dont use lower clamp either on axle dust boot. But I can not say
what is better. Dave Chapman- are you using stainless u joints in axle?
I had to take care of business at Blackhawks. I went past it and got in
at airport. I sat in back , engine at idle, reading Half Safe. It was
the best couple of hours I have had in quite a while. Left this morning
via river. Fantastic!! Even with recent rains river is a bit lower than
last year. I am really enjoying this event this year. I probably have a
hundred hours in phone time and its all good. -- I installed one of
Still Alives trans dip sticks. I like it. One of those ideas I could
never get around to, Iam glad he did. A worth while addition. --- I am
not sure where the time went,Margie and I are celebrating 21 years of
marriage--- Weekend itinerary is posted at - no
the model t does not float- Later Dave the Wave