Axle Nut & Washer Sequence

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Ed Price

When I took my front axles out of the axle tubes, I made a note of the order
that the parts came off. Now that I'm ready to put things back together, I'm
double-checking my notes about the sequence with what the manual shows.

Looking at Plate 21 of Section 5 of the Parts Manual, Item 11 is called a
"buffer disc." In my notes, this was the flat washer with the "D" shaped center
hole. Then the two Belleville washers go onto the axle shaft, their concave
surfaces facing each other. Then, the Manual calls out Item 12, a "washer 25
without chamfer." Well, this last part looks like an ordinary flat washer to me,
with both sides identical. And true, I don't see any visible chamfer, so I
suppose it's the factory original. Any idea why this part is specifically called
out as NOT having a chamfer? Finally, the two big hex nuts go onto the axle

So, do our gurus agree with the above axle parts sequence?


El Cajon
67 Rust Guppy

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