Automatic Release Fire Extinguisher

I just installed an automatic release fire extinguisher in the engine compartment of my Amphicar.

I was concerned because any oil or gas leak ends up in the bilge (not out the bottom, like a normal car). As tidy as I keep my car, any leak, spill, or broken fuel line would cause fluid to pool and run under the seats and floorboards. A spark or ignition source could start a big problem.

I went with a Fire Fight Products - SS30-90-CAG, with 90 Degree spray head. It’s got one pound of Halotron clean suppression agent. It’s important to order their 286 degree temperature trigger, since this would not release the gas unless there is a fire (they also have a 155 degree trigger, which would be to low for an engine compartment.) The size of the unit is 12" x 2.5". The cost was $260.45, with shipping. It can be ordered from Amazon, or from their website ( The website also has photos and information.

I mounted the unit horizontally behind the battery. It fit well. The 90 degree spray head is at a good level. It comes with a chrome cage around the trigger and spray head, but I did make a cover from course square mesh screen, to further protect the head and trigger. It shouldn’t diminish its ability to spray.

I think this should do it. The Halotron (an environmentally substitute for banned Halon) is very effective at putting out fires. It doesn’t damage the motor or wiring, like powder or foam suppressants. And it’s a heavy gas, so I think it would sink and flow under the seats and floor boards if a fire broke out. I also have a Halotron hand-held extinguisher mounted under the front seat. So as a ‘belts and suspenders’ guy, I think I’m set.

All the best, Doug419mvn7oZML._SL500_AC_SS350_.jpg