Auto Bilge Pump Without Float


Arnold Hite

I just bought the kind of bilge pump I think you are looking for.
Instead of relying on a float to sense the water, the pump cycles on every
two minutes. It runs as long as it senses water being discharged. If no
water, the pump cycles off. Also, after a few attempts at 2 minute
intervals with no water found, the pump goes into a 10 minute cycle. I
bought this pump at West Marine. I don't know if they are nation wide.
It's made by Rule, model 500. The price was about $65.

Arnold Hite
Blue 66 White 64
Both leak

> Message: 8
> Date: Thu, 30 Aug 2001 03:27:14 -0000
> From: "John Friese" <>
> Subject: Does This Kind of Bilge Pump Exist
> I'm looking for an additional bilge pump for my Amphi. What I'd like
> is a submersible pump with electronic water sensors built in. To
> avoid the on/off cycling that would occur from water sloshing around,
> I thought it would be nice if the pump would have buffering
> built into the control circuit so that a 10 second delay would occur
> before turn on and something like a 5 second delay for turn off. Does
> someone make such a thing or will I have to invent it?
> John Friese