Austin Amphicar Swim-in



If anyone will be in the Austin, Texas area...

We are holding the Austin Amphicar Swim-in on Saturday, April 21, 2001 and
Sunday, April 22, 2001 ( We will be
entering Lake Travis at Volente Beach on Saturday morning and eat lunch at
the Sundowner Grill. After lunch we will drive to the ramp at the 360
Bridge. Once at the 360 Bridge ramp we plan to make numerous entries and
exits while giving rides to as may on-lookers as possible. We will enter
Lake Austin and swim for about an hour winding through the lake, admiring
some of the nicest homes in Austin. We will pass by Michael Dell's mansion
and several other movie stars' homes. From there we will make numerous
entries and exits at the Lake Austin Blvd. ramp and then finally dine at the
Hula Hut. We may take one last plunge into and out of the lake under the
night sky. We will return to the Volente Beach entrance of Lake Travis on
Sunday morning for another dip and have our farewell lunch at the Sundowner

-- Warren