auction story


David Derer

Not Amphicar... At a auto auction guy had friend bid up a car that he
owned, close to reserve. Auction house declared car sold. The auction
house has the right to make up the difference in price to make a sale.
As the story I got it was a very expensive car. So the owner had to pay
a lots of commision to own his own car!!! Later Dave the Wave

Mike Israel

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Speaking of auctions. The $124k Amphicar is pictured on page 65 of Hemmings Sports & Exotic Car magazine. Notes the text, "Editor George Mattar quipped, "You can take the propellors off it now, because at $124,000, it's never going to get wet again".

More in my price range was the Fiat Brava (just like the one I had in college) for $3,564.

BTW, at no reserve auctions, sellers often buy their own car if price does not go high enough and then have to pay both buyers and sellers comission!