Auburn auction


Rob Vondracek

I'm going to take the green Amphi and a new Amphi Challenger trailer to the
Auburn spring auction that is being held May 19-22 i8n Auburn, Indiana. I'll
put both in the car corral that is for cars for sale that are not in the
auction. The 10' Challenger is for any short wheelbase car from Model Ts to
Ferrari Dinos. With a single axle, it can carry up to 2750 lbs, 5200 lb
single axle version over 5000 lbs. The double axle version can carry over
6000 lbs.

If the Amphi is not sold, it is for sale. If it is sold before Auburn, with
the buyer's permission, it will still be there. Should be interesting, as
the non-winning bidders of the Amphi that will be on the auction block could
buy this one; or maybe the winner would want a second one.

Robert "Keep Finding 'em" Vondracek

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