Attention Amphi owners along the Mississippi...



I received the email below today and hope those of
you along the Mississippi (Minneapolis to Davenport)
can share some stories/photos for our friends at Big
River magazine. Note the deadline is March 7th.

Be well, swim safe.

John Edelstein (Amphipoda)


My name is John Heddle, I am the powerboat writer for Big River
magazine ( We are a regional, general interest
magazine that covers the Mississippi River from Minneapolis Minnesota
to Davenport Iowa. I know there are a few amphicars on the
Mississippi, we have some pictures, taken last Summer, of an amphicar
on Lake Pepin, near Lake City Minnesota. My publisher would like me
to do a short article about Amphicars for our May/June, travel issue.
I have contacted Dave (the wave) from Midwest If there
are any of your members who would like to share any stories of travel
(swimming?) on the Upper Mississippi I would appreciate it. I will
be putting this article together for a March 7th. deadline. I can be
reached via email at

John R. Heddle