asian carp


David Derer

Well got BW2 all ready for the Ozarks..ooops a week too late. Saturday
record breaking warm temps. Margie and I took river to Utica. Great old
town. Great non judged car show. About 11pm things were going so well We
decided to take Illinois river back home. Amazing how rivers change at
night. The Illinos is traveled by barges. It is scary amazing how
someting so huge can be so quite. We made it past a silent but deadly
barge and were tired of trip. We came upon an area we saw earlier. We
try to get out but ramp was high. And apparently so were the owners. A
group of aholes came out. You have seen this type, older guys with
tattoos wearing shorts that are long. They yell Get the f#$ out of here.
repeatedly. I think something bad was going on in house. Very scary but
at least they did not shoot us. We continue on. I had been staying very
close to shore when all of a sudden boosh, splash, bang and boom. Big
nasty Asian carp start jumping. These damned monsters jump way high when
they hear an engine. They were slamming the bottom of Amphi. Nearly
jumping into boat. Minimum of 20 lbs. Margie is just screaming. We made
it out with no fish in front seat. Another exciting Amphicar adventure.
Later Dave the Wave