Arrival to The Promised Land (part 2 of 10)

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  1. Amphipoda & Mermaid

    After checking into the Holiday Inn we stumbled
    into CJ's Restaurant in search of amphibians. The
    parking lot was riddled with a virtual rainbow of
    Amphicars, several owners, and dozens of curious
    on-lookers. Imagine seeing that sight for the first
    time?? easily 30+ Amphicars?? so surreal
    and so very wonderful. Mermaid & I were without
    our name tags as yet, but I was sporting my
    "Amphipoda" baseball cap which immediately
    garnished some curious looks. Then lots of hearty
    handshakes and introductions. Names began to click
    and the faces punctuated the greetings. I met dozens
    of folks in a span of a half-hour and managed to
    have all of them sign the Hugh Gordon plaque.
    (More on the plaque in later parts of this series).
    Our first ride was with future club president Marc
    & future first lady Elizabeth (a Mermaid as well).
    Marc knows and pointed out just about everyone
    in the club, and every car's story, so it's really
    no wonder he'll be the next club president (the
    board willing). Really nice couple, I agree with
    Hugh's wife, Jeani, that they should be wed at next
    years Celina Swim In?? imagine that party!
    Dave the Wave & I could secure the bachelor
    party essentials - but I digress. The Celina police
    somehow got us into a caravan lineup and then
    escorted us through the center of town. Streets
    lined with folks who reckoned they were
    witnessing the second coming?? some really
    funny stares, but lots of huge smiles and waves.
    Mermaid & I are in awe and we haven't even got
    to the friggin water yet.
    Upcoming highlights in parts 3 - 6 include:
    Why they call it "Hot Hole," The Heaths and the
    Horns, Billy Splash King owes me new underwear,
    and How I nearly sunk Dave the Wave's Brown
    Wonder. Reckon I have your interest now?

    '64 Turquoise
    San Diego

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