Aquabond Amphibious Commentary


Mike Israel

A commentary from my old college roommate regarding
the Gibbs AquaBond...
Hey, today I saw at CNN's Web site an article about
the Aquada Bond amphibious vehicle. According to the
article it "can hit speeds of 100 miles an hour on
land -- and once it hits water, ... It can reach
speeds of 30 miles an hour." The MSRP is $235,000.

But the best part of the article was the quote by Alan
Gibbs, chairman of Gibbs Technologies, the company
that is producing the vehicle. He said "With this you
can have a really good car on the road, and an
exciting toy that can tow a water skier, that
you can commute to work with, that you can go to St.
Tropez with and take two girlfriends."

"And take two girlfriends." Does this guy have is
priorities straight or what?! Which reminds me, as
far as I'm concerned the only guy who got it right in
the 20th century was Hugh Hefner.

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