April Storms location, etc


Bill Connelly

Members of this List may recall Dave the Wave's touchingly poetic
end-of-season musings last month on a number of Amphi-related themes:

"....Where the heck was the Amphizene in Celina? Why do guys in Spain want
to sell me Amphis? Where can I find April Storms? One more beer then I will
call it a night. Later Dave the Wave..."

Those unfamiliar with the collectible 1994 Snap-On Tools Calendar that
featured a red 1959 [sic] Amphicar clearly about to get its hindquarters
drilled by some luscious blonde dolly may be forgiven for misunderstanding
Dave's reference to "April Storms" above as perhaps being an allegorical
reference to a longing for springtime and its adventuresome weather in
preference to the frigid and predictable monotony of winter. In actual
fact, "April Storms" is the professional moniker of that drill-wielding
cutie in the calendar.

For those who would care to fend off the winter chills with several
galleries of April Storms, these can be found at
http://showcase.netins.net/web/valen/gallery.html , and the Amphicar shot in
particular can be seen at .