Appropriate Amphicar Card


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A neighbor found this card at a local store and bought it for me. Cute! Does anyone know about this photograph.... whose car.....where.....when? It seems perfect for the Amphicar world. There are three scans here, the front, the message inside and the back of the card.

John Friese
67 White
67 Red



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Nice card. Guess I will have to pay a visit to Trader Joes.

Could be anyone's car. Image definitely looks photo-shopped.


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Was it a black and white from past?
or someone not knowing colour shcemes,, horn black, tonna black, side trim white, interior all red.

Craig Parada

Craig Parada
Like the card says © Kelly Povo is a photographer in Lakeville, Minnesota who specializes in 1950s inspired hand-tinted photographs. She's also got some other really nice stuff, like the book Roadsides. This Amphicar one is item N-104 "Cruisin' Gals" subtitled "I'd Cross Oceans for You" at and as a birthday card at Should we order sets of these with a different message?
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- Craig