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A sad story to tell.A customer of mine, Ken&Cindy had there Amphicar, Trailer and tow vehicle(Red 60 Elcamino) stored for the winter in a Paid storage place.When he returned from holidays he found out that he was going to be out of work as his place of employment had closed down, then got a call saying the Garage all were in had caught on fire.The El Camino suffered the worse with front end damage.The trailer just needed cleaning and Amphi was Just water and smoke damage.Luckly he is insured and all can be repaired.
On another sad note, now that I can walk again,I will be leaving Flordia for the Cold country in a few weeks to get back to work:012:(on Kens Amphi,I guess)
10% off on all stock in FL. tilll I leave.:)

Ron Green

Sorry to here the bad news. They are a great couple and didn't quit smiling the entire time at your swim in. Here is a picture (I hope) of them taking their freshly restored Amphi (that you did) in the water for the 1st time.

Ron Green


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