Anyone planning a trip to London ? ...


David Chapman

... if so, two things you must do, first the the British Airways London Eye,
an awesome piece of technology that takes you on a 30 minute 'flight' 450
feet above the city, and then, a few yards away, you can jump on a frog tour this is the normal city tour but with a twist, it's
amphibious, the bus is a DUKW and so as well as 30 minutes on road you spend
30 minutes in the River Thames !

I did both yesterday, email me directly for details etc if you are planning
a trip.

David Chapman in the UK

Kevin Gallagher

David - I have also seen the DUKW carrying tourists in Iceland (on a
glacial pool), in Dublin (with tour of the city), and in St Petersburg,
Florida. Wish I could afford one!!!!! Kevin Gallagher