Anyone Heading East or Needing to Tow East??


Mike Israel

Hi All,

Before Celina I was looking to borrow a trailer. Now I have too many
on my hands.

Ron G. was kind enough to loan me his trailer and let me leave it in
IL at Dave's while Dave is working on my car. In the meantime, I
purchased a trailer which also happens to be out there. Now I have to
work on getting one of them back east empty over the next few months.

If anyone will be heading East, where Mendota, IL is along the route,
please let me know. If you already are making the trip, and would be
willing to haul one of the trailers empty I would be more than happy
to cover the cost of fuel, tolls, etc.. Likewise, if you need to
Haul an Amphi East (i.e. you are buying one of Dave's that he is
selling) you can borrow one of them to get you there. I would come
meet you ate wherever your final destination is, so long as in the end
it means a shorter trip than my my driving to IL just to bring back an
empty trailer.

May just have to make that road trip but am trying to avoid it if
possible. 1,700 miles round trip makes for a long drive!!

Mike Israel